Improvements to PVC NFT Gully System!

Traditionally, our PVC NFT Gully has been used on fixed tables with a plain feed cap and spouted drain cap. The installer would push a flexible tube into a hole that is drilled in the cap to feed nutrient solution to the gully. The nutrient would run through the gully and drain through the spouted cap into some sort of pipe/manifold system and return to the tank. Using such a system, harvesting is carried out by walking between the rows of gullies, typically 8-10 gullies wide with one walkway between each group of gullies. This type of system is used by the majority of NFT growers in Australia.

As you probably know, there is a trend towards utilising a moving bench or container system that allows groups of gullies, similar in quantity to what is utilised on fixed benches, to be moved along in the growing process. Such a system gives you approximately 30% more production in any given area!
The concept is quite simple. Imagine groups of 6-8 gullies fastened to a frame that rolls on tracks that run from one end of your glasshouse/polyhouse to the other. Each frame rolls against the next. Repeat this process until your growing area is full. There are no walkways between frames. There is just a sea of plants with no wasted space. Planting is carried out at one end. As each frame is filled, it is moved down the track. How much you fill depends on your planting cycle. Planting is staged so that once the growing area is full, plants are in various stages of maturity ranging from “just planted” to “ready for picking”.

The opposite end of the tracks to the planting is where the product is ready for harvesting. The frames can be removed from the tracks and wheeled to a picking area. This area is set up very efficiently for picking and packing the product.

Once picked, the frames are wheeled to the “planting end” of the tracks and the cycle begins again.

The concept of this system is amazing but the traditional fixed feed tube system cannot be utilised. It would be too labour intensive. The rolling system has a fixed feed end. The feed tubes are in a fixed position and are spaced to align with the spacing of the gullies. As the gullies move down the tracks, one frame width at a time, the gullies align with a different set of feed tubes. Tubes don’t have to be removed and replaced.

Our new feed cap provides an open area that accepts the nutrient and allows it to enter the gully efficiently. There is a “V” on the feed reservoir that matches the “V” in our gully, allowing for a smooth flow of nutrient.

Combined with the features of our gully that

  • Allows quick and easy mounting without the expense of additional brackets
  • Has an angled top to give more leaf clearance under the plant. There is less area that water can pool. This is especially beneficial when growing lettuce.
    Has grooves to reduce pooling and encourage a laminar flow of nutrient solution.
  • Is a one-piece design- providing greater torsional strength. No more crop losses due to high winds blow plants and lids off their bases.

Our CNC router enables us to cut square or round holes, any size and any spacing that is required.

CNC Machine cuts Square Hole in Hydroponic Gully video

PVC NFT Gully System Square Hole Hydroponic Gully


We have the capacity to produce over 10 thousand metres per week of gully so we can work in with the timing of any project you have planned.